Highlander Fanfiction by AnneZo

Highlander - Gen

Once a Horseman -- Based on Comes A Horseman episode - Methos always knew that Kronos< would find him some day. Now he's forced to choose between Duncan MacLeod and his own life. What does he think about when faced with such a choice?

Dark Night-- Chronologically during the Something Wicked and Deliverance story line - The Dark Quickening was just a myth -- until it happened to Duncan MacLeod. Methos was his only lifeline, his only chance to escape the evil power. Methos offered his help freely. Was he afraid of the evil Duncan MacLeod?

Variations III: Solution -- Chronologically during Comes a Horseman and Revelation story line - This one was a challenge from a friend. She asked what might happen if Methos had a nightmare. What if, in his dreams, the Horsemen rode again? What if instead of Cassandra, their raid on that village had captured a very different prisoner? Like Duncan MacLeod. Here's my take on the story.

Fallen Angel(6/27/04) - A sort of missing scene for the episode Archangel.

My Brother's Keeper (3/21/2010) - Written ten years ago, just posted.


Highlander - Slash

Let's Dance-- DM/M -- Why do you suppose Methos showed up MacLeod's door at the beginning of "Chivalry" instead of just calling him on the telephone? NC-17

Simple Pleasures-- DM/M -- Duncan's attention wanders during sword practice and Methos decides to take steps to resolve the situation. NC-17

VARIATIONS Dream Lover-- DM/M -- Here's something a bit different, but still based upon the Dream Variations theme. What if the Four Horsemen captured, not Cassandra, but Duncan MacLeod? In this AU version, Duncan is a young,and rather naive Highlander. NC-17

Illusion-- M/K -- Sequel to Dream Lover. When we left Methos, he was alone. But not for long. NC-17.

Melodramatic License-- DM/M -- A spoof on the episode "Dramatic License." No offense to the original writers of this Highly Literary Episode is intended. The part of Amanda has been taken by Methos in this production. Mild. PG-13 for some kissing and suggestive talk.

Truce -- Very mild sex theme - M/R -- Chronologically after the Chivalry episode. Methos took Kirstin's head and in doing so, alienated Richie Ryan, Duncan's student and friend. If he wants to stay in Seacouver, Methos is going to have work to get back on the young's man's good side. Sex theme almost non-existent. But I prefer to be on the safe side. PG-13.