Stargate Atlantis * Once A Thief * The Sentinel * due South

Stargate Atlantis

The Threat of Alien Corn - (3/21/2010) - Small and nearly plotless. Gross abuse of italics. Unscientific objects and events. Plot holes. Implicit sex.

Once a Thief

Going Deep - M/V - NC-17 (5/3/99) - The boys get sent on an assignment. All on their own, since the Director decides that Li Ann would be too conspicuous on this one. Mac takes advantage of their isolation to make Victor an offer he can't refuse. Well, he could, but does he want to?

Hardly Working - (9/23/99) - M/V - NC-17 - Stand-alone story. Mac. Victor. A bed.


Bright Lights - - R - J/B - A rather short and still explicit story about a vacation that wasn't quite what it was expected to be.

Breathe Deeply --G - Pre-slash story featuring domestic poisoning and a spurious threat of legal action.

Bonanza -- - (9/00) - PGish - Snippet in three pages. Quasi-intellectual conversation and perversion.

Don Quixote -- (6/05) PG - Jim wants to go on a picnic.

due South

I didn't see due South until TNT started running the Kowalski episodes. From where I'm sitting, that makes Ray K the original Ray. Got it? Ray K is cute, he's cuddly, and he's clearly dying to sit on Fraser's lap. My stories are for him.

The Other Gift - G - (1/7/00) - Somewhat belated, here's a non-canon, stand-alone gen story about Ray's first Christmas posing as Vecchio.

War and Peace -- - G - (6/11/2005) - Fraser wants Ray to take better care of himself. Stand-alone short-short.

STEPPING OUT (series of short-short stories)

Stepping off - (7/4/99) - The guys are supposed to be on a stake-out. Well, really they are on one. But there are each other.

Blame it on the Bossa Nova - (4/30/00) - PG for kissing - Wherein said distractions are discussed.

Dreams of Brass-- (7/4/99) - NC-17 Ray dreams of Fraser and past events in his life.

Keeping Secrets -- (7/4/99) - A G-rating, I think. The morning after the night before....

Stay and Play -- - NC-17 - (1/7/00) Dinner and...dessert?

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